LMB is a plus-size store for ladies.


Our store & studio space is located in Port Elizabeth.


Finding plus size, fashionable pieces can be challenging, for sure.


Here in sunny South Africa, options can be somewhat limited. Whether you’re looking for gently worn or new, some brands have just plain questionable sizing (and sometimes being limited to one rail in a shop just doesn’t seem just).


What is usually available can be rather expensive! And to make it worse, it’s a butterfly covering your bust making you look like your already heaved bosom is a pair of eyes looking cock eyed to the world.


What do curvy women in South Africa need? The answer: clothing that is beautiful, affordable and easily accessible through an online store!


So, we created Love My Body.


No need to hop from store to store and go through endless rails with clothes that could be found in your Ouma’s vintage kist.


Our store is exclusively for ladies who are plus sized, where they don’t need to wonder if items will fit them – they can find a curated selection of items that we manufacture, that will indeed cater for our South African female body.


We love our bodies – Now is a chance to love yours!